Now Take Them Out Devils Presents: The Year In Pop (Part 1)

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chromaticskillforlove By Simon Lazarus Vasta The days are short, the nights are cold(ish), and midtown has thoroughly covered itself in a anxiety attack-inducing amount of holiday paraphernalia. The Salvation Army dudes that are very specifically not Santa line the thoroughfares, ringing their bells. The stores are packed with exhausted parents buying more than they can afford. [&hellip
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NTTOD Playlist #2: I’m In Love With That Song (A Collection of Pop Music About Pop Music)

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NTTOD.pulp By Simon Lazarus Vasta One of the things I love most about pop music is its versatility. It’s a medium with room for everything: the political and the personal, the avant-garde and the lowbrow, orchestral finesse and two-chord anthems, stupidity and intelligence, beauty and brutality. Additionally, these elements can be arranged any which way, swapped [&hellip
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Now Take Them Out, Devils: Crystal Castles Needs to Stop Releasing the Same Album Over & Over & Over

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NTTOD By Simon Lazarus Vasta So Toronto synthpunk superstars Crystal Castles released their third album last week. Just like their last record, and the record before it, it’s called Crystal Castles, but it seems it’s being stylized as (III) (which is nowhere near as catchy as Melt). I wanted to review this album for you, gentle [&hellip
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The New Queen of Karaoke

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By Verne Vergara A new queen has been crowned. After two rounds of semifinals and a final round on the evening of Nov. 13, the judges of Our Town’s Karaoke Idol event picked a winner. All three events took place at the dinner clubs Lips. As the clock approached contest start time at 9:30, the [&hellip
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R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” Headed to Broadway

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I have to be honest and say — while admittedly a bit out of the pop culture loop at times — I lost track of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” about six years ago. Apparently, what “Rolling Stone” calls the singer’s “epic opus” has not fizzled out alongside my interest. On the contrary, it’s [&hellip
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Now Take Them Out, Devils: The 5 Best Moments of CMJ 2012, Part 2

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NTTOD.DIIV By Simon Lazarus Vasta Previously, on Now Take Them Out, Devils… And now, the exciting conclusion: 2. StageDIIVing @ Music Hall of Williamsburg By the time dreampop/shoegaze/new wave/post punk/critical darlings DIIV reached their encore (which consisted of early single “Geist” and a cover of Blank Dogs’ “No Compass”), the crowd belonged to them. Heck, the [&hellip
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Storm Warnings: Notes on Ades’ Opera and Alisa Weilerstein

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alisa weilerstein By Jay Nordlinger Philip Glass and John Adams are the most famous living classical composers (if you don’t count John Williams). Who would be next? Possibly Thomas Adès, the Brit. His opera The Tempest is maybe the most acclaimed opera of recent years. And it has been playing at the Metropolitan Opera. The composer himself [&hellip
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Prayer on the Tracks

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PrayerTracks600 EXPLORING THE BEAUTY OF IRIS DEMENT’S ‘SING THE DELTA’ To hear Iris DeMent is to be moved. She sings so close to her emotions—and with such artistry—that her meanings can be understood even if the lyrics are soaked in Southern and Midwestern dialect. Her new albumSing the Delta evokes experience and wonder—life, death and very complicated [&hellip
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Music to their Ears

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1_JamesKelleher_TLB1 TLB Music teaches little ones much more than just singing along By Sarah Albert of New York Family When Katia Asthalter and Carina Zimmerman became good friends and housemates at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, they had one big thing in common: music. Both young women grew up with musical influences all around them; Asthalter took [&hellip
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