Standards, Met and Unmet

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A Tchaikovsky masterpiece at the Met and a classic movie In a fall preview last month, I made a point about Valery Gergiev, the Russian conductor: He is mercurial. Sometimes he’s up, sometimes he’s down. Sometimes he’s electric, sometimes he’s blah. On a recent Thursday night at the Metropolitan Opera, he was alternately electric and blah. He [&hellip
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Artistic Ambition & Corporate Callousness in Sean Howe’s ‘Marvel Comics: The Untold Story’

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The history of the American comic book is bittersweet, if not outright tragic, and no tale cuts to the bone quite like the ballad of Stan and Jack. In the early ’60s, facing the demise of their industry, comics vets Stan Lee and Jack Kirby devised the Marvel Universe. Together, these men created a shared [&hellip
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