City Arts: You Wanted a Hit: Nile Rodgers gets literary

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As pop musicians from Keith Richards to Prodigy have published their life stories in the last few years, the timing couldn’t be better for Le Freak, the recently released autobiography of bajillion-selling guitarist/producer Nile Rodgers. Considering that his career encompasses both a stint in the Apollo Theater’s house band and compositions that have inspired countless [&hellip
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Book Review: Ghost Lights

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GhostLights_jpg_1351249cl-3 There is a curious airiness to Lydia Millet’s novel Ghost Lights, despite its underlying tension. A pseudo-sequel to her 2008 How the Dead Dream, Ghost Lights finds married family man Hal, an IRS bureaucrat, sloughing off the confines of his everyday life to impulsively hop on a plane in search of his wife’s missing boss, [&hellip
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Book Review: Sybil Exposed: The Extraordinary Story Behind the Famous Multiple Personality Case

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sybil-exposed The case of Sybil, the pseudonym for a young woman suffering from 17 multiple personalities as the result of some Gothic child abuse at the hands of her monstrous mother, became a cultural touchstone almost immediately upon the 1973 publication of Flora Rheta Schreiber’s nonfiction account of her treatment
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The Little Book That Could

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A good book is discovered by a big publisher By Aspen Matis Emily Rubin, 55, is a youthful-looking former dancer whose debut novel, Stalina, was recently published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. We spoke with Rubin in her colorful East Village apartment about teaching fiction writing to cancer patients, buying her apartment from the city of [&hellip
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