Apocalypse How: Comedy Writer Rob Kutner Prepares You for the End Days

Written by Cate Smithson on . Posted in Arts & Film, Posts.

Face it: Statistically speaking, you’re probably not upgrading to the Great Beyond once Judgment Day—however you define it—rolls around. So, now is the time to prepare yourself for the trials to come!

Do yourself a favor and check out The Daily Show writer Rob Kutner’s YouTube spots that promote his new book, Apocalypse How: Turn the End of Times into the Best of Times. With Kutner’s guide, you can take on those pesky Four Horsemen—and win. Come wind, rain, Antichrist or nuclear holocaust, no post-cataclysmic dilemma is too great.

Remember, a fallout shelter just isn’t a home without a copy of Apocalypse How. Buy yours now… or loot your neighborhood Barnes & Noble if—and when—push comes to shove. Don’t just survive, thrive!