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is known for its dysfunctional , which could explain why local legislators have a low success rate in getting bills signed into law in 2008. In the Senate, where Democrats are in the minority, State Sen. Bill Perkins introduced 34 bills. Two made it out of the , a success rate of 5.8 percent. State Sen. Eric Schneiderman, sponsor of 66 bills, was not able to move any out of committee. In the Assembly, where Democrats have a strong majority, Assembly Members Richard Gottfried, and Daniel O’Donnell had a success rate of 8.45 percent, 7.35 percent and 3.77 percent respectively. Gottfried, however, was the most prolific by sponsoring 142 bills. Bill Mahoney, the number-cruncher at the New York Public Interest Group, compiled the success rates of each legislator in the Assembly and the Senate in terms of bills sponsored, passed committee, approved in both chambers and under consideration by the governor.

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