Abortion Ad Making Some Motorists Mad

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new Manhattan
Mini Storage
ad on the West Side Highway (pictured) that uses allusions to
coat hanger abortions to try to sell storage space has finally gotten the mainstream media’s attention. “Your
closet space is shrinking as fast as her right to choose,” reads the large
billboard at 44th
and 12th
. A coat hanger
is pictured in the background. The ad is part of a ballsy print campaign
that takes jabs at the Bush administration with such gems as “Your closet’s scarier than Bush’s agenda” and
“Your closet is so narrow it makes Cheney look liberal.” 

ran the story after an offended viewer called the station to complain. Other
passersby interviewed agreed that the ad crosses the line and called for its
removal: “I think it’s kind of crazy that they put it up there like that,” one
New Yorker, Dalton Adams, told the cameras. “I think it’s a little
disrespectful. I think it’s a little inconsiderate and it’s big! I mean, it’s
not hidden, people can see it.” Not hidden? Well, that’s kinda sorta why they
call it advertising. But others are praising the company for taking a risk and
not shying away from politically-charged messaging: "This is fantastic. We
love Manhattan Mini Storage,” Vanessa Valenti, who works for a reproductive
rights organization, told the station. “It was really refreshing to see a
private company take a stand on such an important issue.” This isn’t
the first time
that Manhattan Mini Storage’s ads have raised eyebrows. Past
billboards have featured head-turning zingers like “Your closet’s so shallow, it makes Paris
look deep,” and “Don’t make us send 5 queer guys to your place.” 

can read what the blogosphere has been saying about the campaign here and here.
We contacted the company, but, unfortunately, they didn’t return our calls for

Photo courtesy of subwayfox.net