A Generally Snarky Cover for the Book of Cuomo

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Last week, City & State asked their readers to send them some potential titles for Post columnist Fred Dicker’s forthcoming Cuomo biography. They got a bunch of good suggestions, some printable, some not. And after they narrowed down the list, they left it to the readers to choose a winner.

And the readers choose! With 33 percent of the vote, “Cuomo and Dicker: The Story of a Boy and His Dog” was the City & State’s reader’s choice. City & State said they’d award the person who came up with that title, but alas, the author wished to remain anonymous.

And knowing that they won’t see the real cover image from Dicker’s book until 2013, the City & State art director went ahead and mocked up a cover image for this imaginary tome. Unfortunately, that was also unprintable. (Think Dicker in a dog suit.) So the art director went back to the drawing board and came up with this. City & State hopes you like it. It’s generally snarky.

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