A Chat with Comet Gain

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On Sunday night, Comet Gain—the British group that’s been making hip-shaking, lovesick pop songs for 17 years—will make one of it’s incredibly infrequent stops in New York playing the Music Hall of Williamsburg, one of only three in the U.S. On a supporting tour for its new album, Broken Record Prayers, a collection of singles studded with six previously unreleased tracks, the band rarely plays the States so if you yourself have any prayers, one should be to not miss this show.

The Press caught up with front man David Feck…

This is the 17th year of Comet Gain’s existence. How has the band changed in that time?

We lost a few and the ones that have stayed got hairier. There was a moment in our history where it became clear that Comet Gain was going to be a band about carrying on. That for every joy and blunder and hard time that goes on we have our songs for it… and that keeps happening… unfortunately there are more blunders and hard times but fortunately there are tons good times

To what to do attribute your longevity?

The first three reasons that come to mind are: 1. We’re waiting to make a good record, something like Broken Record Prayers; 2. I love everyone in this group, meeting new people and seeing the world; 3. Without the band no one would buy us beers.

How did you choose the songs that went on Broken Record Prayers? Was there material you wanted to include and didn’t?

Broken Record Prayers is the best Comet Gain record yet… Out of 400 songs these are the ones we wanted out.

I once heard that you had a terrible fear of flying and hated to tour because of that. What’s changed?

Nothing, I just take more boats.

What’s the band’s songwriting process like? Likewise, where does your lyrical inspiration come from?

I don’t think even Comet Gain knows how we come up with songs… if we did we would write more and record more.

Now someone can just log onto a website and find stuff that used to be solely for collectors digging in record store. Since your band has piles of singles, some of which have make it onto Broken Record Prayers but plenty that didn’t, what are your thoughts on the digitizing of music collections?

Very good.

Are there groups you played with when you started out that you especially miss? Anyone you’d push to do a 20-year reunion? Like, um, Huggybear?

Yummy Fur, Male Nurse, The Peechees, Further, Felt

Are you working on any other projects? More Comet Gain records?

Yes… LOTS! A boxed set of space music featuring everyone that has been in Comet Gain—over 66 members will contribute.

Is there anything in New York that you’re excited for? When was the last time you were here? 

We were here 10 years ago…and it’s been about that long since we’ve seen a lot of friends.