3-D Re-creation Of WTC Attack

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Posts, Technology.

A new study by Purdue University utilizes 3-D simulation to examine the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, revealing that the planes stripped away crucial fire-proofing material upon striking the buildings, leaving columns within vulnerable to a “a flash flood of flaming liquid” sparked when the aircraft’s fuel was ignited, causing the weakened towers to collapse under their own weight. We imagine conspiracy theorists already have an answer to debunk these conspiracy-debunking findings. Researchers conclude that fireproofing steel structures, IE beams, is a necessity, one that codes did not recognize back when the World Trade Center was built. Below is the grizzly animation, which was created in part using Google Earth data—yep, guess all those critics who say the technology will be used to plan terrorist attacks have a new platform to decry the software.