2012 OTTY Awards: Our Town Thanks You

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For 20 years, Carolyn Maloney has been leading the fight in Congress on national issues like women’s rights, but she has also kept the focus on her East Side district as a strong advocate
for the Second Avenue Subway, new schools and health care for workers and residents suffering from the environmental fallout of 9/11. She is Our Town’s East Sider of the Year in our annual OTTY Awards special section.
The Our Town Thanks You, or OTTY, Awards go to people who make the Upper East Side a better place to live and work. This year’s group of 20 includes a hero by any definition, a fire lieutenant who carried an elderly woman out of a burning building.
A trio working to improve schools state- and citywide, Matthew Goldstein, Merryl Tisch and Jennifer Raab, are our honorees in the Educator category. Our Cultural Club OTTYs go to leaders of two of the neighborhood’s most distinguished institutions, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Japan Society.
Other honorees include a former homeless man who regularly volunteers overnight at a shelter that helped turn his life around and a resident leading the fight to save a local playground from development.

—Tom Allon, President and CEO
—Josh Rogers, Our Town contributing editor

To read our OTTY profiles click on a recipients name below:

East Sider of the Year, Carolyn Maloney

Bravest and Finest, Lt. Jason Rigoli

Bravest and Finest, Officer Chris Helms

Culture Club, Emily Rafferty

Culture Club, Motoatsu Sakuri

Educator, Jennifer Raab

Educator, Merryl Tisch

Educator, Matthew Goldstein

Community Builder, Matthew Bauer

Community Builder, Oscar Fernandez

Community Builder, Nancy Ploeger

Neighborhood Civic Association, Elaine Walsh

Health Care Pro, Daryl Wilkerson

Health Care Pro, Mary Cahill

Health Care Pro, Constance Peterson

Charity, Thomas Williams

Real Estate Royalty, Louise Sunshine

Real Estate Royalty, Debra Fechter

Real Estate Royalty, Joseph Mattone and Scott DeMatteis

Entrepreneur, David Brooks


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