2008’s Web Primary Winner: Hillary Clinton

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Posts, Technology.

At least according to a new report by Gomez, Inc., which ranks the performance of each of the 2008 presidential candidates’ online presence.

The Gomez report found that Clinton’s online donation form moved ten times faster than that of Barack Obama and five times faster than that of John Edwards.

The report also found that Republican contender Mitt Romney’s online donation form was the slowest of all Republicans, though he still leads all of his fellow GOPers in funds raised. Both Romney and Edwards had the slowest loading homepages, and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican, had the fastest.

"The impact of web site
performance on winning the hearts, minds, and purse strings of voters has never
been more crucial," said Matt Poepsel, vice president of performance strategies
at Gomez. "Positive web experiences will affect which candidates voters
support, how much they donate, and who ultimately gets on the November 2008

Check out the whole survey here.