2001 Hoorays & Boos

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Having just
passed a grim year, with almost the grisly conclusion of a suicide shoe-bomber,
here are a few hoorays and boos for the annus horribilis just passed:

Hooray for
Matt Drudge, world’s greatest journalist where many of us are concerned.
Drudge won his case against Sid the Scumbag Blumenthal, the latter having sued
Drudge for libel. Not only did Drudge stand up to Clinton White House bullying
and the unlimited funds it provided to the Scumbag to pursue him, he even collected
at the end, when Blumenthal threw in the towel. Hooray again for the David who
made a total fool of the phony Goliath.

Boo to those
who try every year to smother Christmas linguistically. It has now become so
absurd George Orwell could not have imagined it. The powers that be–multiculturalists,
deconstructionists, postmodernists, feminists and the politically correct–have
decreed that nothing hinting at a Christmas theme can be allowed. The city of
Pittsburgh has invented the term "Sparkle Days," instead of Christmas
Holidays, to stimulate the consumer without offending anyone. This deserves
the greatest boo of all. The Christian faith is a strong one that takes sacrifice
and suffering in stride as givens. It has defeated all sorts of tyrants and
dictators throughout the ages. But is it strong enough to resist the chipping
away of the multiculturalists and of the politically correct? If the latter
win, it will be evil triumphing over good.

Hooray for
our fighting men (and the few women in supporting roles) who proved once and
for all that when America wants to do it, it does. The causes of Western superiority
throughout the ages cover a very broad spectrum. At one end there are huge,
long-term factors, such as the development of Western science and the growth
of capitalist economies. These ensured that Western armies would have better
weapons, and more of them. There is also the fact that Western armies, starting
with the Greeks, use citizens and freemen, not mercenaries and slaves. This
bears directly on the battlefield: the better morale of a citizen-soldier and
that of men brought up in free societies. Even the zealots of Al Qaeda–ready
and eager to die–are no match for the intelligence of a well-trained, motivated,
free citizen-soldier. Hooray once again for the West and its key values and
strengths, which were expressed in the conduct of the war in Afghanistan. The
biggest boo of all to those who blame America-firsters, phonies like Susan Sontag
and the rest of the left-wing scum who were secretly hoping our boys would get
trapped in that Godforsaken place. Boo, boo, boo, until you rot in hell.

Even if
I say so myself, a tiny hooray to yours truly for having warned you one month
ago that Geraldo Rivera, a fantasist at best, would make things up once in Afghanistan.
(I had seen him at work during the Yom Kippur war, and believe you me, Rivera
is no brave war correspondent. It does not take lots of guts to cover ferocious
battles that are not taking place, except in his imagination, and transmit them.)
A very big boo to the same Geraldo for reporting on the friendly fire that killed
three of our soldiers on Dec. 5. The bits of uniforms and tattered clothing,
as well as Rivera saying the Lord’s Prayer, were giveaways from day one.
He should be ashamed of himself, and Fox should have fired him. Fox network
executives said it was an honest mistake and, based on Rivera’s 30-year
track record, they still had full confidence in him.

Hooray for
Russia, Putin and the new Russian, someone who creates rather than steals something
that existed before him. By combining their oil and gas reserves, Russia is
already the world’s leading energy nation, with about 15 percent more proven
reserves than the ghastly kleptocracy that is Saudi Arabia. Now that the Russian
people have realized they can make more money by real capitalism than by stealing–as
was the way of the oligarchs–there will be no stopping them. Two enormous
boos to those who criticize the Russian military for its stance in Chechnya.
When the militant Islamists began to blow up buildings in Moscow, killing hundreds,
there were those in the Clinton administration who asked for the Russian army
to exercise caution and restraint. It was caution and restraint that got us

Hooray for
the California State U. students who booed Sacramento Bee publisher Janis
Besler Heaphy, who raised questions about the government’s response to
terrorism. This is how it should be. The ridiculous woman is a journalist who
lives in her ivory tower and wants to be touchy-feely for p.c. reasons. The
students, for once, knew better. The ludicrous Times ran it on the front
page of the national section as if fascism had become chic all of a sudden.
Boo to Heaphy, boo to the Times and boo to anyone who talks about the
right of free speech for those who would never grant it to us.

This column
would not be what it is if I didn’t boo Bill Clinton for convening a meeting
to formulate a policy to repair his legacy. Also a big boo to the Times
for running this nonstory on its front page, written by the biggest Clinton
ass-licker, Richard Berke. The Clinton legacy is one of spin, lies and manipulation.
Any other interpretation is just spin and more lies.

A Happy
2002 to all of you.